Places of the Everyday

Carole Lévesque

City Debates

April 2018

American University of Beirut

Places of the Everyday

Contrary to what one could think, seeing the recent transformation of temporary architecture practices into event design, temporary architecture is not exclusive to celebrations, nor to festivals. It is not automatically linked to rejoicing nor to political efforts for public space cleansing. Rather, as I seek to consider through my work, temporary interventions can be considered as a tool with which to reveal characteristics of banal places, and to support an active and critical participation of the everyday within dominant discourses imposed on the contemporary city.

The presentation will explore temporary installation as a means of documentation and transcription of actual conditions of urban areas looked upon as derelict and worthless in hopes to bring them value. I will argue that inhabited urban areas whose only future lies in their tabula rasa have a few lessons to teach the disciplines interested in urban renewal.